Art Classes and Special classes

Learn how to paint. Series of the art classes 4-6 weeks.  In small group or one on one.  Also we offer  Special classes.

Group class Acrylic painting (5-6 students) $50 for each for 2 hours materials included Private lessons (any technique) 2 hours $60 materials not included Preparation portfolio 2 hours $45 materials not included Our studio location 6567 Gilley av., Burnaby BC Parking spot available
For making appointment please contact or email

If you have always wanted to paint but don’t know which medium to choose, this course is a great place to start – a course, designed to introduce you to this fabulously versatile and forgiving paint medium which will help you find what you might enjoy most. We will experiment with different techniques, from using it thinned down like watercolours, to using it thick impasto like oils, gradually increasing skill levels.

Come and paint your pet. Perfect gift for someone or yourself! View our calendar and register for this special night! We usually have it monthly. Once you register for this class send us a clear photo of your pet at least 5 days before the event so that we can trace it on canvas for when you arrive.

Silk Scarf Painting

Create your art and then wear it! We supply everything you need to create a beautiful silk scarf! *please note these classes are NOT taught step by step, but staff is on hand to assist you and samples and ideas available.

Paint on Wine Glass

Choose from stem or stemless glasses, we have many designs to choose from, and will be on hand to assist.

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